About Us

We are committed to modern, research informed, specialized, non-shaming modalities. We specialize in helping individuals heal emotional pain and negative self-beliefs from relational injuries and traumatic experiences.


A Word From Claire

Claire has worked in private practice for over 16 years, starting as a licensed massage therapist and then as a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist. She is now a licensed clinical mental health counselor associate in NC.

Claire founded Flying Crane Practices to bring modern and specialized modalities to clients suffering from emotional pain dueto relational injuries and traumatic experiences.

Claire primarily specializes in addressing how the emotional pain we feel during life transitions, break-ups, loss, trauma, grief, depression, anxiety, or sexual abuse relates to past relational injuries and traumatic experiences.

Claire has extensive knowledge. She is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor certified by the North Carolina Board. She holds a level 2 in Internal Family System (IFS) and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (SP) and is pursuing a certification in Trauma- Informed Stabilization Treatment (TIST).

Her unique vantage point as a long-time body therapist and acupuncturist allows her to
naturally weave mindfulness of our emotions and how we physically hold them.

Claire also specializes in group therapy to support individuals in addressing their sense of aloneness and disconnection.

Claire finds joy when she relates to nature and believes many of us feel better when we reconnect to our natural environment and feel a strong sense of community with humans and animals. She offers possible sessions outdoors with equine therapy.

Claire also practices mindfulness through tai chi and art like Ikebana, a Japanese flower arrangement. She is currently accepting new clients for counseling.